Russian Election Interference Timeline

We still don’t have the whole story on this unprecedented, successful attempt to install a Putin-friendly stooge in the White House. Nor is this timeline of Russian election interference complete — but it’s a start that I’ll keep building on over time.

Mid-September, 2016The FBI receives the Christopher Steele dossier.Christopher Steele
October 3, 2016Paul Manafort is still studiously denying his foreign holdings to his tax preparer, responding negatively to his inquiry over email.Paul Manafort
October 7, 2016WikiLeaks began releasing John Podesta's stolen emails, an hour after the Access Hollywood tape was releasedJulian Assange, John Podesta
October 7, 2016The Access Hollywood tape is released, in which Trump is caught on a hot mic telling the host of the show that he liked to "grab [women] by the pussy"Donald Trump
October 7, 2016The DHS and the ODNI issue a joint public statement, attesting to their findings that the Russian government was responsible for the theft of the thousands of emails and documents from the DNC and Clinton. Nobody sees it because of the next 2 pieces of news...
October of 2016The IRA organizes a series of pro-Trump rallies in Pennsylvania
October 24, 2016Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko warns that separatists in the east have more tanks than Germany or the UKPetro Poroshenko
November 17, 2016Russia blocks the website LinkedIn from its citizens after LI refuses to comply with a 2014 law stating that all user's personal data must be stored on Russian servers, with encryption keys provided to the FSB.
November 23, 2016Paul Manafort files false statements in his reluctant FARA document to Attorney General Jeff SessionsPaul Manafort, Jeff Sessions
Dec 1, 2016Mike Flynn meets with Kushner and Kislyak to discuss establishing a secret backchannel with RussiaMike Flynn, Jared Kushner, Sergei Kislyak
December of 2016Kirill Dmitriev is first introduced to Erik Prince as a way to break in to the new administration
December 29, 2016Mike Flynn calls Sergei Kislyak and asks Russia not to escalate or worry about the sanctions -- implying they'd be lifted by the incoming administrationMike Flynn, Sergei Kislyak
December 29, 2016The U.S. imposes sanctions on the Russian government for interfering in the 2016 electionBarack Obama
December 30, 2016Trump tweets: "Great move on delay (by V. Putin)"
December 30, 2016Putin announced that Russia would not take retaliatory measures to the sanctions at this time
December 31, 2016Kislyak calls Flynn and tells him his request had been heard at the highest levels, and that's why Russia had chosen not to act.
January 6, 2017Members of the intelligence community brief President-Elect Trump on a multi-agency certainty that Russia has interfered in the 2016 election and helped him become President at the expense of Hillary Clinton. A public version of the report is released the same day.
Jan 10, 2017Buzzfeed publishes the Christopher Steele dossier that's been circulating widely around Washington DCChristopher Steele, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin
January of 2017Seychelles meeting between Erik Prince and Kirill Dmitriev to discuss US-Russia relations
Jan 24, 2017Mike Flynn is interviewed by the FBI.Mike Flynn
Feb 10, 2017Paul Manafort makes additional false statements in connection with his FARA filing.Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions
February of 2017An IRA-controlled Facebook persona claiming to want to teach African-Americans self-defense to protect themselves when contacted by police, hired an actual self-defense instructor in NY to offer classes sponsored by Black Fist
March of 2017Sometime this month, shuts down
Mar 2, 2017Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from oversight of the investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 electionJeff Sessions
March 20, 2017FBI Director James Comey confirms that the bureau has been investigating both Russian interference and the possibility that the Trump campaign was involved, in testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI)
May 9, 2017President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey.Donald Trump, James Comey
May 17, 2017Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel in charge of investigating the Russian interference and potential Trump cooperationRod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, Donald Trump
October 20, 2017Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein confirmed the SCI's investigative authority regarding several individuals and entitities in a memorandum
Nov of 2017A Facebook representative testifies on the Hill that they had identified 470 IRA-controlled accounts that made as many as 80,000 posts between January 2015 and August 2017
Nov of 2017The House Committee HPSCI held an open hearing with Facebook, Google, and Twitter about Russia's weaponization of social media during the 2016 election on their platforms.
Nov 30, 2017Erik Prince gives testimony before the House HPSCI committee
Dec 1, 2017Mike Flynn pleads guilty in courtMike Flynn
Dec 29, 2017CNBC pronounces Trump "delusional" in NYT interviewDonald Trump
Jan 10, 2018Trump lawyer Michael Coehn files a defamation lawsuit against Buzzfeed for the publication of the Steele dossier.Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, Buzzfeed, Christopher Steele
January of 2018Twitter announces it identified 3814 IRA-controlled Twitter accounts and notified about 1.4 million people they believed to have been in contact with an IRA-controlled account
Feb 8, 2018Former President George W. Bush stated publicly that he believes the Russians meddled in the 2016 election.George W. Bush

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