GOP = bad ideas / no ideas

Here’s a signature advantage to the Left: the Right is fighting for Bad Ideas. They’re indefensible ideas that have been discredited and defeated time and time and time again, yet they keep trying to use coercion and force to impose them on Americans — often in the name of “freedom.”

They are obsessed with spinning epic yarns from ethnic minutiae and have a pathological misunderstanding of boundaries. Their fundamentalist minds crave a totality of fixed, immutable boundaries — but they don’t exist, anywhere in nature or human society. Everything is semi-permeable; everything is shades of grey — and even Technicolor! Bigotry is poor thinking — a series of category errors that can have fatal consequences.

They want a useless ceremonial border wall as legal entrants overstay visas, drugs are smuggled underneath in tunnels, and our national sovereignty is invaded millions of times a day on the borderless Wild West frontier of the internet. They waste millions and millions of dollars disproving obviously nonexistent voter fraud while slandering Democrats for “wasteful government spending.” Their quests have been Quixotic and extremist — a collection of Lost Cause desires whose itches can never be scratched.

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