Arrested Development

The caricatures of the TV show — at least some of them — ring true, especially politically these days. The MAGA folks who remain loyal are truly stuck in time. They’re back at an event that’s over — some to spend the rest of their lives relitigating the election and holding onto its Lost Cause-style Big Lie.

It’s a fear of the future so pathological that one remains trapped in one’s mind — but with others, thanks to the wonders and horrors of social media — such that the shared fever dream of whatever marketable conspiracy theory is en vogue for the QAnon crowd.

Emotional immaturity

The right wing seems to harbor a number of Peter Pans — persons in adult male suits who nevertheless behave like boy toddlers. When confronted with the slightest challenge, they are prone to throwing tantrums. They use emotional manipulation, and the embarrassment of a grown man allowing himself to be seen as a servile dog, to push you off guard and get what they want — by hook or by crook.

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