Trustworthy Media Sources

I try to be choosy about my news as well as reading widely. I make it a habit to routinely consult sources outside the US, know the ethics of the outlets I most rely on, and try to mix up the types of media ownership and format (newspaper, TV, podcast, website, radio, etc.) to avoid a monolithic class or other point of view on any particular subject or issue. Some of the media sources I trust for valuable perspectives are in the table below.

Other habits: trying to corroborate stories amongst multiple publications; evaluate the credibility of authors and references; read source material; do my own calculations; consult public data when available; go back further into history to understand the trajectory of preceding events; keep listening for new information on the subject. Adjust my views based on new incoming information, if warranted. Keep an eye out for disinformation or other skewed presentations of fact.

Good journalism matters

Having worked in media for most of my career, I have a lot of practice evaluating the quality and veracity of reporting. Cross-referencing comes second nature. I’ve studied the media industry as a professional imperative and understand a bit about its ownership structures and its history, both technical and economic. As a political philosophy buff, I’m aware of the great importance of a free press to our democratic republic.

I appreciate a tight headline, a profound topic, and bold investigation as well as imaginative prose and pithy information. We need the intrepid courage of the press, particularly in these times of demagoguery, kleptocracy, hucksterism, and Zucksterism. The fourth estate has helped us find our better angels in the past, and there’s no reason to think it can’t assist us once again to get better transparency into the bigger picture and big histories behind today’s otherwise chaotic and overwhelming political landscape.

NameCountryFundingYear foundedAgeLink
The GuardianUKPrivate1821202
The EconomistUKPrivate1843180
Scientific AmericanUSPrivate1845178
Associated PressUSNonprofit1846177
The New York TimesUSPrivate1851172
The Daily TelegraphUKPrivate1855168
The AtlanticUSPrivate1857166
The Washington PostUSPrivate1877146
LA TimesUSPrivate1881142
Financial TimesUKPrivate1888135
The New RepublicUSPrivate1914109
The New YorkerUSPrivate192598
Radio Free EuropeEUPublic194974
New ScientistUKPrivate195667
Rolling StoneUSPrivate196756
Foreign PolicyUSPrivate197053
Greg PalastUSIndependent197647
The IndependentUKPrivate198637
Sky NewsUKPrivate198637
International Consortium of Investigative JournalistsUSNonprofit199726
Gaslit NationUSCrowdfunding20158
Just SecurityUSAcademic20176
The ConversationalistUSNonprofit20194

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