Mosquito Men

Mosquito Men are tiny losers who try to make themselves feel big via acts of conspicuous destruction. They are the John Wilkes Booths and the Timothy McVeighs of America.

They are the “lone wolves” who shoot up churches, bowling alleys, schools, grocery stores, concerts, and other public gatherings with their AR-15 Coward Rifles.

They are the petty incels who ruminate online endlessly about their inability to get a date with a real live woman — and see no impact whatsoever from their own behavior of being up all night in internet chat rooms fantasizing about violently assaulting them.

They are butthurt losers who fail to acquire the kind of power they — in their vast narcissism — feel they deserve.

They are political isolationists who insist that their nation cannot possibly have the capacity to handle complicated global concepts they themselves cannot fathom.

They are small minds filled with big hatreds, bigotries, and discrimination.

They are bullies.

They are everywhere, and everywhen.

Mosquito Men are with us always. Do you know a few?

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