GOP Tactics

We need to know what our opponents are up to. There is much to learn.

Much more to come — stay tuned!

ad baculumrhetoricalAppeal to violence
ad hominemrhetoricalAttack the person instead of their ideas.
aggressiontacticalIssue threats and/or violate boundaries.
argumentum ad passiones"I feel it (or I feel *strongly* about it), therefore it must be true."
Assert the opposite of realityrhetoricalSimply state the opposite of what is true
banning bookslegislative
Black & white thinkingcognitiveA pattern of thought characterized by polar extremes, sometimes flip-flopping very rapidly from one extreme view to its opposite. A symptom of many personality disorders.
Blame Democratsrhetorical"I'm not responsible for my bad behaviors: DEMOCRATS ARE!"
charismaCloying, often superficial or fake charm
closed mindcognitivenot open to an argument from facts
Cognitive dissonancecognitiveHaving an incongruent value system, or believing mutually exclusive things -- as well as behaving without consistent ethical principles; a sense of randomness to one's approach to life.
cognitive distortion
Consistent inconsistency
conspiracy theories
Creating unnecessary chaosemotionalCreate conflict to get attention and get a chance to get what you want.
Crocodile tearsemotional
Denying plain facts
Diverting attention
emotional abuse
Emotional manipulationemotional
fears changeweakness
fears differenceweakness
flying monkeys
frivolous lawsuits
GaslightingCause you to question your own sanity -- very dangerous to do this to people. The effects are long-lasting and difficult to do; it can take many years to heal from this kind of insidious abuse.
high need for closurePrefers to resolve situations quickly and reduce uncertainty as immediately as possible
hypocrisyConsistently fail to live up to their own stated ideals, and the things they demand of others.
idealize, devalue, discardThe narcissistic abuse cycle
irrational anger
Love to play victim and heroemotionalThey want your emotions oscillating all over the place, because it gives them more opportunities to swoop in and capture you at a vulnerable moment and earn your trust -- so they can violate it.
Malignant envy
Masters of deceptive and misleading storiesrhetorical
Mind gamesemotional
Motivated ReasoningcognitiveThey start with the premise they want and work from there -- they are bad scientists, but good lawyers.
Moving the goalpoststactical
narcissistic rage
narcissistic supply
One-way streetExpect loyalty from you while offering none in return
panem et circuses
ParanoiaemotionalNurturing and maintaining enemies
PerjurylegalLying under oath, in court or in a deposition
PhobicemotionalTheir main aspect is fear, from bouts of phobia indoctrination
Play the victimemotional
ProjectioncognitiveAccusing your opponent of doing the thing that you yourself are doing.
rewriting history
scapegoatingtacticalJust blame Democrats, no matter how absurd
Selective Exposure
secrecyCovert actions; lack of transparency
SplittingcognitiveSee the world as with them or against them (splitting)
Take a thing and turn it into its moral oppositeLabel a good thing bad so you can smear it, or a bad thing good so you can support it
tergiversateto evade; speak circularly
verbal defensiveness
weasel wordsleveraged ambiguity
Word gamestacticalWords are used primarily as weapons
Word saladcognitive
Communication is difficult or impossiblebehavior
Provoking angerbehavior
Communicate by emotional contagionbehavior
Do not perform emotional workbehavior
Hard to give to; reject efforts to give helpbehavior
Resist repairing relationshipsbehavior
Demand mirroring of their emotionsbehavior
Their self-esteem relies on your compliancebehavior
See roles as sacred and inviolablebehavior
Seek enmeshment, not emotional intimacybehavior
Grandiose sense of self-importancepathological
Believes oneself to be superior and requiring of association with high-status peoplepathological
Exaggerating one's achievements and talentspathological
Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors and attitudespathological
Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectationspathological
Sense of entitlement; expects others to make unreasonable sacrificespathological
Lacks empathy; unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of otherspathological
Interpsonally exploitative; takes advantage of otherspathological
Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited successpathological
Requires excessive admirationpathological
Envious of others and believes others are enviouspathological