Political violence? It’s on the right.

The right wing alleges that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the “violent lefties” of yore — and though the kernel of truth is that leftist anarchists did have a reputation for violence a century ago, these days it’s the right whose militant fantasies routinely animate stochastic terrorism and planned aggressions of all sorts.

Antifa isn’t even really “a thing” — it’s more of an ideology than an organized group, a bunch of punks who wore black and hated fascists. The “fa” stands for fascism, making those on the right wing who are anti-Antifa, by the process of mathematical simplification, fascists.

January 6 was a right-wing attack

And it’s the fascists who showed up for the “wild” party on January 6, 2021 — the first ever insurrection at our nation’s Capitol. The militia groups charged with seditious conspiracy were dozens of the hundreds so far charged and thousands to be charged before a thorough reckoning has been had with the events of that day, and even then — there is much we may never know, given the wolves still attacking and spies memory holing evidence and undoubtedly silencing witnesses.

Even before Jan 6, Congress found voluminous evidence from credible sources that right-wing violence and domestic terror were on the rise. Notorious mass shooters from Dylann Roof to Anders Breivik cite right-wing conspiracy theories as justification and sometimes lead with or leave behind a rambling manifesto of radical right ideological swill of some sort.

Moreover, who is it that supports Putin in his brutal unprovoked war on Ukraine? Where is ole Vlad’s fifth column here in the U.S.? It’s in the right wing, from Tucker Carlson to Mike Flynn to Marjorie Taylor Greene to Charles Koch. These individuals think nothing of the moral implications of supporting a butcherous war criminal — they’re just in it for the money, fame, and power. Violence can bring all of those things, and some people do not have any moral red lines to worry about when crossing over to the dark side.

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