Fake news

The actual meaning of the term “fake news” is to describe untrue information being presented as real news. However, Donald Trump subverted the term during his time in politics as a strategy for discrediting mainstream media outlets — particularly the newspapers, TV stations, and online news sites that published damning information about his shady past and shoddy business dealings.

During his campaigns and tenure as President, Donald Trump frequently utilized the term “fake news” to discredit and delegitimize mainstream media outlets that reported critically on his actions or policies. This strategic use of the term served as a rhetorical tool and a disinformation tactic to undermine public trust in traditional news sources, particularly when they presented information that was unfavorable or challenging to his narrative.

By labeling such reports as “fake news,” Trump aimed to deflect criticism, rally his base, and create a media environment where the truth became malleable and subjective. This tactic not only contributed to a polarized media landscape — and hyper partisan political climate — but also raised significant concerns about the erosion of public discourse and the undermining of factual reporting as a cornerstone of democratic society.

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