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* Abusive of others for pleasure * Unreasonable sense of entitlement * Controlling * Rigid and intolerant * Cold; callous; lacking in empathy * Lacking in conscience; feels justified to any action to achieve one's goals * Sees others as enemies * Avoids taking responsibility * Lacks integrity * Manipulative * Over-inflated sense of self-worth * Overconfidence; tyrannical righteousness; absurd moral authority * Extreme hypersensitivity when slighted; persecution complex * Black and white thinking; general extremism of belief and behavior * Prone to concrete thinking, vs. abstract thinking * Resents authority * Poor morals * Hypocritical; holds others to standards one does not meet oneself * Projection * Denial * Blame shifting * Lack of object constancy -- have trouble seeing people as complex entities worthy of consideration * no concern for coherency of thought, or consistency of value system * Treat people like appliances, expecting them to perform to their ...
...with consumers their prey. And often government. Anything will be said. "Trust us!" Later, when deeply disturbing moral and ethical behaviors are painstakingly uncovered and whistleblown, the story becomes, "well, what did you expect, NOOB?! We are a business. Revenue is our highest calling and our only virtue -- everyone knows this, Khaleesi. Were you born yesterday?! Why did you believe our heartfelt and yet theoretically obvious gambit?" Maybe sociopathy has now become the best one might hope for -- with the continuum pressing on well into the territory of the psychopath in modern times. With ruthless, win-at-any-cost predations glorified and held up on every pedestal, is it even a wonder?