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Oh look, Yet Another Case of "financing while brown" -- this time from Toyota: "Here’s how the markup worked: Auto dealers often offer in-house financing. And when a person chooses that route, the dealer sends the buyer’s credit score and other loan risk factors to, in this case Toyota Motor Credit Corporation. The dealer learns the rates the buyer has qualified for, but then is allowed increase it, as the dealer sees fit. That inflated rate can translate into profit for the dealer. It’s usually a small amount—Toyota allowed its dealers to increase rates up to 2.5 percent. But that adds up over years of interest. The CFPB found that, when the dealer was allowed to decide which customers to charge more, people of color, regardless of their credit, most often paid higher interest." - How Toyota May Have Started Overcharging Minority Customers I guess some gun-toting GOP zealot would call this "progress" from the days of "on contract" home ownership thievery when blacks were first...
"A common reaction to the discipline disparities is to suggest that something other than race is at work — that they're a function of poverty, or that black students are simply more likely to misbehave. But analyses of the data have found that isn't true." -- Vox charts
but grammar ain't one... "the Valley’s greatest problem lied in its 'deep lack of self-reflection and the strong resistance to it.'"— barb dybwad (@doctorparadox) November 2, 2015 alt hed: "New Face of Native Advertising for Silicon Valley" (protip: just write it on @Medium like everyone else)— barb dybwad (@doctorparadox) October 31, 2015
Why do we still feign shock at police brutality and abuse of power? Because we hope that ingratiating ourselves to power will reward us, and fear that exposing its moral bankruptcy may harm us. ### See also: * Rodney King * Michael Brown * loose cigarette seller Eric Garner * 14-yo killed in NY * every peaceful protest ever * Nixon * subprime mortgage crisis * Savings and Loan crisis * bank bailouts in array[list years] * inflation * financial advisor scams * Bernie Madoff * Uber #powerbehavingbadly
Or: Tightwad capitalism and its stranglehold on both social and economic progress Not everyone is destined to be an alpha overachiever. Even if they aspire to it, not everyone can be a CEO, or successful entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, coding genius, etc. etc. So, what do "the rest of us" deserve?? How should resources be distributed? Do we all share a responsibility to give back in proportion to the benefits we’ve accrued from a robust public sector? Or is wealth on an endless snowball upwards towards less recently laboring capital and an endless downward spiral further into poverty on the other end of the continuum as the boot that expects you to be grateful digs its heels in sharper? And then the very real and troubling (and often ignored) concern about wide swaths of a human distribution essentially being written out of the dream of American progress. It’s like we’re Danny —— exasperatingly slowly finding out that we’ve been written out of the will since the 70’s. What of America...