Does Trump support Project 2025?

Recently the Former Guy proclaimed to know nothing about Project 2025, the plan whose authors include 70% current and former Trump officials. In that he doth protest too much — does Trump support Project 2025? You bet your bippy he does!

What is Project 2025? Think of it as a vast plan, close to the former president, to feverishly establish Christofascism in America starting with Day 1 of a second Trump presidency. It is a 920-page document, and 1000-employee project, to “supercharge” another Trump term with an infusion of Christian nationalism.

More than 100 Christian nationalist organizations and groups are involved in drafting the blueprint for Trump’s next term, should that horrorscape come to pass. One core problem they have, however, is the extreme unpopularity of their ideas. Most Americans would recoil from the draconian measures Project 2025 wishes to bestow upon the nation, unasked for and unwanted — including banning abortion nationwide, restricting IVF, defunding education, pulling out of NATO, etc.

Who is behind Project 2025?

Project 2025 is so toxic in fact that Donald Trump disavowed it on Truth Social:

Trump disavows Project 2025 on his social network, Truth Social

Despite his pathetic attempt to disclaim knowledge about Project 2025, Trump’s current and former staff make up the majority of the group’s architects. Trump’s name appears 312 times in their document. It’s simply not credible that the GOP presumptive nominee is unaware of his loudest allies and advocates — and even if you take him at his word, it constitutes malpractice for a political candidate to be so uninformed.

So allegedly, Donald Trump doesn’t know anyone behind Project 2025. Let’s have a look at the amazing Venn Diagram between Trump officials and Project 2025, shall we?

Karoline Leavitt

Currently serving as the national press secretary for Trump’s 2024 campaign, Karoline Leavitt appears as a trainer in Project 2025 Presidential Administration Academy videos:

Karoline Leavitt, Donald Trump's national press secretary for his 2024 campaign, in a training video for the Project 2025 Presidential Administration Academy

Stephen Miller

Dour, pasty-faced goon Stephen Miller complemented Trump’s sadism as his senior advisor, with his cruel border separation policy for children and their families. He is well known for his white supremacist views and associations, but less well known for his role as head of a legal group on Project 2025’s advisory board. Here is Miller in a recruitment ad for Project 2025:

Stephen Miller, top Trump aide and anti-immigration extremist, stars in recruitment ads for Project 2025

Russ Vought

Russ Vought wrote the Executive Office of the President chapter in the 900-page manual akin to a Bible of Project 2025. He also served as Trump’s head of the Office of Management and Budget — a Cabinet-level role. Currently, he’s helping craft the GOP’s 2024 platform as a policy director at the RNC — and we’re to believe that none of his earlier work will find its way into the Republican policy blueprint for the next 4 years? Let’s be real.

Jeffrey Clark

Perhaps best known for his role in trying to use the DOJ to challenge the election results for Trump during the attempts to overthrow the 2020 election, disgraced former Trump official Jeffrey Clark is responsible for contributing, among others, the Project 2025 policy idea that Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act on day 1 in order to deploy the US military for domestic law purposes of his own designs.

Jeffrey Clark ran the fake electors scheme and now contributes to Project 2025, among other conservative plans for one-party rule

Peter Navarro

Former Deputy Assistant to the President under Trump. One of the authors of the Project 2025 Playbook. Currently serving time in federal prison, for refusing a Congressional subpoena!

Peter Navarro is one of several authors of Project 2025, that Donald Trump seeks to distance himself from

John McEntee

Trump’s former bag man — literally!

Ben Carson

His former cabinet secretary…

Ken Cuccinelli

Former Trump aide and an author of the Project 2025 plan handbook.

Paul Dans

The Director of Project 2025, Paul Dans was the Chief of Staff at the US Office of Personnel Management in the Trump administration.

Rick Dearborn

Formerly: Trump’s Deputy Chief of Staff

Spencer Chretian

Formerly: Associate Director of Presidential Personnel. Currently: Associate Director of Project 2025.

Troup Hemenway

Formerly: Associate Director of Presidential Personnel

Steven Groves

Former White House Assistant Special Counsel

Jonathan Berry

Formerly: Acting Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Department of Labor

Adam Candeub

Formerly: Deputy Associate Attorney General

Dustin J. Carmack

Formerly: Chief of Staff to the Director of National Intelligence

Brandan Carr

Formerly: FCC Commissioner

Diana Furchtgott-Roth

Formerly: Assistant Secretary of Education

Thomas F. Gilman

Formerly: Assistant Secretary of Commerce

Mandy M. Gunesakara

Formerly: Chief of Staff, EPA

Gene Hamilton

Formerly: Counselor to the Attorney General

Jennifer Hazelton

Formerly: Deputy Assistant Administrator of Public Affairs, USAID

Dennis Dean Kirk

Formerly: Senior Advisor, Office of Personnel Management

Bernard L. McNamee

Formerly: Commisioner, Federal Energy REgulatory Commission

Stephen Moore

Federal Reserve nominee

Mora Namdar

Formerly: Acting Assistant Secretary of State

William Perry Pendley

Formerly: Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management

Max Primorac

Formerly: Acting Chief Operating Officer, USAID

Roger Severino

Formerly: Director of the Office for Civil Rights, HHS

Kiron K Skinner

Formerly: Director of Policy Planning, State Department

Brooks D. Tucker

Formerly: Assistant Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Hans A. von Spakovsky

Formerly: Advisory Commission on Election Integrity

William L. Walton

Formerly: Agency Action Leader, Trump Transition

Paul Winfree

Formerly: Deputy Assistant to the President

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