What is supremacy?

Supremacy is the magical thinking that one’s ingroup is the only source of truth. It’s the ultimate conspiracy theory, and the apotheosis of a hierarchical worldview. Supremacist groups in America Christian nationalists Evangelicals white nationalists and neo-Nazis white power movement prosperity gospel free market ideologues plutocrats originalists libertarians conservatives White supremacy in particular is both… Continue reading What is supremacy?

Koup Klux Klan: The authoritarian movement trying to take over America?

It may have seemed like the election of 2016 came out nowhere, and the January 6, 2021 attempted coup event was another deep gash to the fabric of assumption — but in reality, the authoritarian movement to dismantle America has been working diligently for a long time. Depending on how you count, the current war… Continue reading Koup Klux Klan: The authoritarian movement trying to take over America?


Disinformation Dictionary of Psychological Warfare The cat is well and truly out of the bag in terms of understanding how easily wide swaths of people can be misled into believing total falsehoods and even insane conspiracy theories that have no basis whatsoever in reality. In their passion for this self-righteous series of untruths, they can… Continue reading Disinformation

Billionaires 2021

The Richest People in the World The vast majority of billionaires in the world got richer during the year of the pandemic — fantastically richer. And they still demand more! Inequality grows and grows, warping both capitalism and government, and yet still the plutocrats press their advantage further while whining about their invented delusional oppression.… Continue reading Billionaires 2021