The Founders considered the US Postal Service essential to democracy

The cognitive dissonance of the so-called Republican “agenda” is on acute display, wherein mortal threat to a literally enumerated power of the Constitution given to Congress to establish a federal postal system seems not to bother the Constitutional originalists one bit. Not to mention said power’s role in facilitating free and fair elections. Curioser and… Continue reading The Founders considered the US Postal Service essential to democracy


The demagogue is the creature the Founders of America most feared: the authoritarian-style leader who would stir the passions of the mob and use them to overthrow the more moderate democratic norms and checks and balances of the republic in order to stay in power. Yet the United States has had a flirtation with demagogues… Continue reading Demagogues

Dogma Deprogramming

Freedom from Dogma The world had been ruled by dogma for thousands of years until The Enlightenment burst onto the scene — and it holds sway still, in many parts and pockets of the world. Freedom from dogma was one of the greatest gifts of the intense period of scientific and empirical discovery of the… Continue reading Dogma Deprogramming

Radical Right

The radical right is a fervent anti-government strain of Libertarian ultraconservative, emerging out of the anti-New Deal ideology of the 1930s. Through McCarthyism to the John Birch Society, from fiscal conservatives to Christian nationalists, the radical right contains some of the most extreme ideologies in the right wing. Conservative ideology has gotten more and more… Continue reading Radical Right

Legitimate political discourse? πŸ€”

The Republican National Committee, in perhaps the most stunningly stupid self-own in the history of modern politics certainly in my lifetime, finally said the quietest part out loud: that in their official pronouncement, the events at the Capitol on January 6 constituted “legitimate political discourse.” Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were censured by the… Continue reading Legitimate political discourse? πŸ€”

Koch Wealth Cult

Below is a list of the covert gang of folks trying to take down the US government — the anti-government oligarchs who think they run the place. By 2016 the Koch network of private political groups had a paid staff of 1600 people in 35 states — a payroll larger than that of the RNC… Continue reading Koch Wealth Cult


Originalism is received wisdom by another name. It is a way of pseudo-argument privileging one narrow type of political view (conservatism) over all others — a view that we must try to divine the “original” intentions of the Founders in our creation and interpretation of the law. A view that, by the way, the Founders… Continue reading Originalism

Neoliberalism Explained: Why it must be dismantled

Or: How Milton Friedman destroyed Western civilization, the neolliberalism story. An economic ideology first theorized in the 40s and 50s by scholars, it was brought to popular attention in the 1970s by the works of economist Milton Friedman and novelist Ayn Rand among others. It grew in popularity and became widely adopted in U.S. economic… Continue reading Neoliberalism Explained: Why it must be dismantled


First defined in the Great Soviet Encyclopedia of 1952, disinformation refers to false or misleading information disseminated deliberately to deceive the public. If you look around, you’ll see it in widespread use today. I think the Founders would be absolutely horrified. We cannot hold these truths to be self-evident, if we do not even agree… Continue reading disinformation