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by doctor paradox · July 25, 2012 Because I’ve had to look this up so many times now in some obscure forum somewhere, thought I may as well post the Incoming Server settings you want to use to set up a Google Apps mail account in the Email app on an Android device: User name: (i.e., your full email adress on your Google apps domain) Password: xxxx POP Server: Port: 995 SSL : checked You’ll need to enable SSL on the Outgoing Server details page also if it’s not already selected. Good luck!
by doctor paradox · May 6, 2009 “Spanfeller: For some time there have been murmurings about the relative value generated by Google vs. the parasitical nature of its business model. In short, is Google being disproportionally compensated for what is fundamentally other people’s work?" via CEO Spanfeller Attacks Google, Stumbles Into His Own Cesspool. First of all, this entire article from Danny Sullivan is a great and astute dismantling of Spanfeller’s “argument" — very enjoyable read. Second of all, I just wanted to comment on how it’s a very fascinating time to be covering technology news and witnessing a lot of huge companies from the analog era still floundering and failing to comprehend how and why the internet is eating them for lunch. As Sullivan aptly points out in the article, these companies and these industries have had years to see all this coming. The writing has been on the wall for some time, yet in all the content industries that stood to be most ...