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It's part of a broader misconception on the part of the techno-utopian set that the purpose of tech innovation is to replace human beings instead of augment us. We are being replaced now at a rate greater than ever before, as a result of the rise of machine learning. Underlying that assumption is the dark, Orwellian belief that at its core, humanity is fundamentally hopeless, irrational, and must be controlled by some force: typically a small cadre of wise (and very rich!) men (...usually white) who are irrevocably convinced they know more about humanity than other people. Or perhaps a single, highly-authoritarian entity... not like anyone we know who is currently running for el presidente... To wit: another presidential candidate you probably haven't heard about: Zoltan Istvan of the Transhumanist Party. I'mma let him speak for himself: But the Anti-Enlightment period was the greatest philosophical era OF ALL TIME!: This has been a fantasy since the Enlightenment, but despite...
by doctor paradox · October 25, 2014 I, for one, have been welcoming our robot overlords since time immemorial (and at Engadget of course we continue to bring you breaking coverage of the robot apocalypse). This little guy will be taking over Japan I’m sure when it’s released next year at a sub-$2000 price point — and who can blame the Japanese for having a soft heart when it comes to metallic companions? They’ve been cohabitating culturally for quite some time now. Softbank’s Pepper Robot Understands Feelings: The Social Hour 165 – YouTube.