Koch Wealth Cult

Below is a list of the covert gang of folks trying to take down the US government — the anti-government oligarchs who think they run the place. By 2016 the Koch network of private political groups had a paid staff of 1600 people in 35 states — a payroll larger than that of the RNC… Continue reading Koch Wealth Cult

Surviving vs. Flourishing

We are rarely content with mere survival — we want naturally to be flourishing… most of us, anyway. A very vocal minority perennially aims to fuck it all up though, with disinformation and bullying and violence and domestic terrorism. Those power mad, money hungry, fame whoring moral prostitutes seek to keep us all surviving vs.… Continue reading Surviving vs. Flourishing

Broken Record

When using the Broken Record method, think K.I.S.S. for quick and dirty media strategy: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Then, repeat those short phrases or sentences frequently. Themes to Broken Record for 2022: Fairness vs. Hierarchy Equality vs. Supremacy People vs. Property Poor vs. Rich Democracy vs. Autocracy Diversity vs. Homogeneity Freedom vs. Totalitarianism Proteanism vs.… Continue reading Broken Record

What is supremacy?

Supremacy is the magical thinking that one’s ingroup is the only source of truth. It’s the ultimate conspiracy theory, and the apotheosis of a hierarchical worldview. Supremacist groups in America Christian nationalists Evangelicals white nationalists and neo-Nazis white power movement prosperity gospel free market ideologues plutocrats originalists libertarians conservatives White supremacy in particular is both… Continue reading What is supremacy?

What is a cult?

A Dictionary of Cults, Mind Control, and the Language of Abuse Cultism has a long history here in the United States — but what is a cult, exactly? One could argue the Confederacy was a kind of cult, and the KKK after it. America gave rise to cult leaders Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh,… Continue reading What is a cult?

Christian Nationalism

A dictionary of Christian nationalism terms, to be curated and added to over time: 10 Commandments acolytes affirmative action American exceptionalism apostles apostates baptism biblical values biblical worldview born-again Calvinism cheap grace β€œChristian journalism” Christian Reconstructionism City Upon a Hill clergy communion Conservative Resurgence — historical period in the late 1970s and early 80s that… Continue reading Christian Nationalism

Koup Klux Klan: The authoritarian movement trying to take over America?

It may have seemed like the election of 2016 came out nowhere, and the January 6, 2021 attempted coup event was another deep gash to the fabric of assumption — but in reality, the authoritarian movement to dismantle America has been working diligently for a long time. Depending on how you count, the current war… Continue reading Koup Klux Klan: The authoritarian movement trying to take over America?

Fascists became conservatives in the 1920s and 30s

(notes / draft) Who were the early conservatives? Former fascists and Nazi sympathizers in the US. 1930s opposition to Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal 3 main right-wing factions then: libertarians — right-wing economics faction led by Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, & Friedrich Hayek traditionalists — William F. Buckley, National Review (1955), Barry Goldwater anti-communists and… Continue reading Fascists became conservatives in the 1920s and 30s

Right-Wing Authoritarianism

It’s not just here at home in the US that fascism seems to have taken root in the population. There are many burgeoning nationalist movements resurrecting right-wing populism around the world, and as per many experts’ warnings, right-wing authoritarianism is on the rise around the globe. Many of the right-wing populist thatches that have sprung… Continue reading Right-Wing Authoritarianism


Disinformation Dictionary of Psychological Warfare The cat is well and truly out of the bag in terms of understanding how easily wide swaths of people can be misled into believing total falsehoods and even insane conspiracy theories that have no basis whatsoever in reality. In their passion for this self-righteous series of untruths, they can… Continue reading Disinformation