January 6 Commission hearings reveal evidence of a coup

In a special 6th session of the January 6 Commission Hearings that was not anticipated, former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson revealed bombshell testimony under oath about what the witnessed and heard in the White House leading up to and on the violent January 6 coup event. From her forthright and gripping account, today we learned:

Trump didn’t care the protestors had AR-15s

According to testimony, he was mad the Ellipse did not appear more filled in such that photos of the event would look anemic. He wanted the security screenings stopped so the people with guns, knives, and other weapons could come in without fear of having their weapons confiscated.

Trump wanted to go to the Capitol with the rioters

This was not just an idle wish or, as Mark Meadows tried to pass off in his book, a metaphorical way of speaking — it was a legitimate plan that the Secret Service got involved in up to the point where it was deemed a security risk to take the President towards the scene of danger.

He wanted to lead the mob in a violent coup, third-world dictator-style.

Trump attacked his own head of security when thwarted in storming the Capitol

Homeboy literally tried to commandeer the vehicle away from his most trusted and loyal protectors.

Trump threw his lunch against the wall like a toddler

In a fit of narcissistic rage, Donald Trump hurled his food all over the West Wing like he was 4.

Meadows defended Trump’s inaction on the violent threats to Mike Pence

Meadows essentially took Trump’s position: that what the rioters were doing wasn’t wrong. That threatening Pence was okay because Pence “deserved it.”

Mike Flynn took the Fifth on support for the peaceful transfer of power

In violation of his military oath and his core duty as former NSA.

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