GOP Big Lies

The Big Lie about the 2020 Election was hardly the first or even the Biggest of the Big Lies in American history — fomented in vast majority by the right wing. Call it a personality trait, an ideology, or perhaps a financial preference — but Republicans seem to lean towards the disingenuous end of the… Continue reading GOP Big Lies

GOP = bad ideas / no ideas

Here’s a signature advantage to the Left: the Right is fighting for Bad Ideas. They’re indefensible ideas that have been discredited and defeated time and time and time again, yet they keep trying to use coercion and force to impose them on Americans — often in the name of “freedom.” They are obsessed with spinning… Continue reading GOP = bad ideas / no ideas

GOP Tactics

We need to know what our opponents are up to. There is much to learn. Much more to come — stay tuned!

🐘 GOP Myths πŸ—£οΈ

The stock in trade narrative for these right-wing folks is usually a completely invented one that paints them in a flattering light and magically transforms all their criming into noble, virtuous deeds. I will be continuously collecting these GOP myths and de-mystifying them for posterity, and for the public record such as it still exists.… Continue reading 🐘 GOP Myths πŸ—£οΈ

Great Replacement Theory

Conspiracy theory animating the radical right wing that claims non-white immigrants are being brought to the U.S. and the west to “replace” white voters with their woke political and cultural agenda. Those who believe this white supremacist ideology see routine immigration policy as a white genocide and extinction of the white race. Promoters of this… Continue reading Great Replacement Theory

Freedom from Dogma

The world had been ruled by dogma for thousands of years until The Enlightenment burst onto the scene — and it holds sway still, in many parts and pockets of the world. Freedom from dogma was one of the greatest gifts of the intense period of scientific and empirical discovery of the 17th and 18th… Continue reading Freedom from Dogma


Gaslighting describes the act of professing skepticism, disbelief, or denial of another person’s lived experience, feelings, or perceptions of reality. It’s one thing to disagree respectfully with someone; it’s another thing altogether to deny the validity of their point of view to the point of aggression, and attack them with hostility. Gaslighters are engaging in… Continue reading Gaslighting

What is DARVO?

DARVO is an acronym that stands for “Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.” It refers to the reaction often exhibited by perpetrators of criminal or unethical behavior, especially sexual offenders. One common frame is to allege that the perpetrator is actually the victim in the scenario, because of the other party’s false accusations. The… Continue reading What is DARVO?

What is “cultural Marxism”?

Cultural Marxism is a conspiracy theory originally promoted by ultraconservative American political operatives William S. Lind and Paul Weyrich, claiming the existence of an organized conspiracy against the “traditional Christian values of America.” It’s a modern derivative of the Nazi propaganda term “Cultural Bolshevism,” which was used as a derogative slur against anything progressive, modernist,… Continue reading What is “cultural Marxism”?

Loser Politics

Loser Politics is the psychology of the right wing — the mentality of Confederates through the ages. It is the also rans, the disaffected former military or government personnel, the failed actors and artists, closet gays, and all those jealous jerks who are butthurt over their own assorted failures. It is the mindset of the… Continue reading Loser Politics

What is QAnon?

The phenomenon of QAnon may have come seemingly out of nowhere to some, but will be familiar to many as a much older series of conspiracy theories that have been used repeatedly throughout history to stoke fear and hysteria, thus controlling populations more easily. At its core, QAnon is a recycling of the Protocols of the Elders of… Continue reading What is QAnon?

Two Americas

Twin visions were there at the start and here they still remain — we’ve been oscillating around the same set of unresolved issues for centuries, like a pair of neutron stars. There have always been two Americas: one egalitarian and Enlightened, patterned after Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin; and one haughty and zero-sum like John… Continue reading Two Americas

What is supremacy?

Supremacy is the magical thinking that one’s ingroup is the only source of truth. It’s the ultimate conspiracy theory, and the apotheosis of a hierarchical worldview. Supremacist groups in America Christian nationalists Evangelicals white nationalists and neo-Nazis white power movement prosperity gospel free market ideologues plutocrats originalists libertarians conservatives White supremacy in particular is both… Continue reading What is supremacy?

Right-wing Ideologies

These days the GOP is just 3 cults in a trenchcoat — nevertheless, it’s helpful to understand some of the ideologies and extremist beliefs that folks on the right engage with. Understanding the psychology can help us make predictions about actions, reactions, and other developments in the political landscape. Please see the submenu for the… Continue reading Right-wing Ideologies