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Times change. And us with them. Voice and Accountability Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism Government Effectiveness Rule of Law Control of Corruption Data from the World Bank
We’re kind of like Wile E. Coyote in this area, imagining that "if we can just out-think those pesky Liberals" we can relieve the world of the burden of dealing with the natural distributions we find in nature, and keep continually trying to stuff cats into bags for the remainder of the human existence. If we have the power to say it’s so and be believed, then is it so? Turns out that in some cases, yes — this is actually how the functional creation of reality works. That is how it still observably works in places like Russia and Syria and Iran and so on, where “what happens" is merely a function of what the government tells you is happening. Being told what’s happening is a comforting thing. It is literally the childhood we all grew up in, with some exceptions — regardless, there is a fundamental desire to know The Truth, i.e. What Is. This is the primordial journey — the fundamental narrative, a story of a human being overcoming the basic obstacles that confront everyone who is a...
...and it's self-financing. It's these kinds of ingenious "net neutral but both sides win" innovations and solutions that could save our planet -- if we can manage not to grind all our emerging young talent into debt-riddled dust before they can make an impact on the world.