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Protocol: 1) try a thing 2) wait for a server to poll some thing somewhere 3) ...nothing happens, keep waiting 4) get distracted by cats and tweets on the internet for like, 3 hours 5) realize still that thing has not happened 6) do 87 Google searches about why That Thing isn't working 7) find vague potential clue buried deep within the bowels of an ancient, prickly forum somewhere 8) adjust some settings 9) GO TO STEP 2
by doctor paradox · December 1, 2014 Mail to Self: iOS extension to mail notes to yourself from any app Inbox by Gmail by Google Boomerang for Gmail: email scheduling tool Triage: email “first aid" Mailbox (by Dropbox) AwayFind: email prioritization service The Email Game: email management “made fun" Extra credit Zapier: connect web services together, including many popular email platforms IFTTT: another connective and automation service like Zapier, but more focused on consumer apps and less so on B2B web applications and services
by doctor paradox · November 12, 2014 …right now, if we weren’t sandwiched between Expand (and all its hefty post-mortems) and the huge sprawling beast that is CES. Whoa people, it’s November. Movember, to some. That means the holidaze are right around the corner, followed by a whole new year of optimism and hope for the glorious Kum-bay-ah future in which we magically solve climate change, our dwindling fossil fuel supply, poverty, disease, ignorance, sexism, racism, and all the other -isms and ISISes of the world whut need fixing. See, we’re Fixers. We didn’t mean to sell our souls — it just became too lucrative to avoid doing so. In fact, some might say it’s the price of admission to the Finer Things in Life these days — that’s inflation for you. A requirement in a democratic capitalist society that barely functions as a democracy and over-achieves as a great big skulking capitalist orc slavering cruelly over the next demographic mark: first, poor and middle class people...