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Away from the universal answers. Towards values. Towards risk. Standing up for what we believe in. The road less travelled, or untrammeled. Partnering with nature, not just struggling against her.
by doctor paradox Β· December 1, 2014 There’s been a lot of hand-wringing over the fate of journalism, and the ability to monetize content more broadly, for quite some time β€” and naturally so. The means of production have been democratized; the powers of direct communication have been bestowed upon the masses; and the Big Bang of voluminous content production all shook the web around the same time during the β€œ2.0" era. It was a heady time β€” Caterina would actually comment on your Flickr photos and Stewart Butterfield was 10 years away from beating VCs away from Slack with a stick. We could all sign up for Blogger or TypePad and have an always-on podium at our disposal for a song β€” or we could go a little further down the rabbit hole and teach ourselves a little HTML, maybe some CSS, and figure out how to register a domain name and set up a website. For a time you could even find a domain name β€” it was heaven! (Noting the thankful renaissance / real estate explosion with the ...