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It's heartening to see many new faces and hear many new voices who may in the past have not explicitly considered themselves "activists," or who have felt a greater call to stand up against a political administration whose ideologies show every indication of running counter to a constitutional democratic framework. If that describes you: THANK YOU! You are awesome. And if you're an Old Hat at this sort of thing, this post is for you too -- by way of initiating a civil dialogue with some of the fresh faces you see in your timeline or in your local community who may be exhibiting the following behavior: Making claims that issue X, Y, or Z is "not important" or "not as important" as issue A, B, or C -- which is what we should really be discussing right now. Here's why this behavior tends to do more harm than good: There are a dizzying number of issues coming up, and many challenges being made to both constitutional democracy and American values -- no one can be an expert on or con...
by doctor paradox · October 16, 2014 Block is a city-planning game aimed at teaching actual urban design mechanics — sort of like Rocksmith is the “learn guitar f’reals" counterpart to Guitar Hero or Rock Band. In other words: Block : Sim City :: Rocksmith : Guitar Hero Minecraft For Real Life: This Video Game Wants To Help Redesign Actual Cities | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.