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Much has been said regarding the so-called laziness of the poor. Hands have been wrung, glasses have been drained, Davos hotel rooms have been trashed year after year in elite consternation over The Perennially Perplexing Plight of the Poor. Meanwhile in the American political landscape, the answer is already clear: THEY'RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH!!!! But perhaps there's some confusion over what is meant by the term "hard work" -- certainly it's ambiguous, and no one takes a pause in the middle of a vigorous, breathy debate to define their terms, curiously. So, for the barely literate cretins out there who can barely manage to hold down a job much less participate in the ever-prosperous U.S. economy -- a visual guide: Working hard vs. hardly working: An Illustrated Guide to Hard WorkWorking hard (direct link:
It's not like we can create it and then escape it. If we believe in human equality as much as we say we do, we ought to be concerned about the lack of it.