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There are (at least) 2 sides to every transaction or interaction. Every time someone narrows the frame to eliminate all but one position, they are either: a) intentionally attempting to manipulate the conversation in a particular direction, to influence the outcome in a way that favors their preferences (propaganda) or b) deficient in the empathy required to understand a different valid position (or possibly even to understand that there are different valid positions)
Apply now for TechCrunch Include’s diversity-focused office hours with Accel— TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) November 3, 2015 Want to be included? Please apply... alt hed: In a world...(voiceover)... where even *inclusiveness* is exclusive...
"in practice the process of medicalization tends to strip subjects of their social context, so they come to be understood in terms of the prevailing biomedical ideology, resulting in a disregard for overarching social causes such as unequal distribution of power and resources."