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by doctor paradox · December 1, 2014 Mail to Self: iOS extension to mail notes to yourself from any app Inbox by Gmail by Google Boomerang for Gmail: email scheduling tool Triage: email “first aid" Mailbox (by Dropbox) AwayFind: email prioritization service The Email Game: email management “made fun" Extra credit Zapier: connect web services together, including many popular email platforms IFTTT: another connective and automation service like Zapier, but more focused on consumer apps and less so on B2B web applications and services
by doctor paradox · November 12, 2014 …right now, if we weren’t sandwiched between Expand (and all its hefty post-mortems) and the huge sprawling beast that is CES. Whoa people, it’s November. Movember, to some. That means the holidaze are right around the corner, followed by a whole new year of optimism and hope for the glorious Kum-bay-ah future in which we magically solve climate change, our dwindling fossil fuel supply, poverty, disease, ignorance, sexism, racism, and all the other -isms and ISISes of the world whut need fixing. See, we’re Fixers. We didn’t mean to sell our souls — it just became too lucrative to avoid doing so. In fact, some might say it’s the price of admission to the Finer Things in Life these days — that’s inflation for you. A requirement in a democratic capitalist society that barely functions as a democracy and over-achieves as a great big skulking capitalist orc slavering cruelly over the next demographic mark: first, poor and middle class people...