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Since even before John Locke bestowed upon us this philosophical power as makers, we've known: life requires heroism. Otherwise to live is not to live -- it is to pathetically toil in this factory or that, push these papers or those, wear this color collar or keep changing as you go. It's good to be God. But we can't make the mistake of imagining this is a static crown, or one due automagically. No -- one must do the work to accept the mantle of Maker, though should not want for options in self-training on this front. Then one must go the distance to keep growing, learning, changing with the times as they for sure will evolve. The key is gaining competence without over-confidence -- the first mistake of pseudo-gods is mistaking ourselves for gods of higher stature and broader reach. It behooves us to cultivate humility about the skills we acquire, for teachers are yet students and even masters are the ones who devote themselves to lifelong learning of the craft. Ah but then we re...
by doctor paradox · October 25, 2014 Such is the power of 20% time, perhaps: A Google Exec Just Skydived 136K Feet, Smashing the World Record | WIRED. p.s. #overachieversanonymous should be a thing
by doctor paradox · October 14, 2012 Today, a man named Felix Baumgartner did something most of us would consider insane: he jumped from a helium balloon-attached capsule while 128,097 feet up in the air. In the shot above, the Austrian adventurer sites poised at the edge of his incredibly daring leap into space — wherein he hit 833.9 miles per hour (at Mach 1.24, that’s faster than the speed of sound) on the descent and broke world records for the highest freefall and the highest manned balloon flight of all time. Five years in the making, the stunt pulled in over 7 million viewers to the Youtube livestream — itself another record-shattering feat over the previous record of 500,000 concurrent viewers to the London Olympics this summer. Check out highlights from the highest skydive ever.