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i like this confessional personal finance piece that's like "ok, it's a game, & i'll tell you the secret: it's a game! learn the secret." "This is not optional"... but we won't teach it to you. You're on your own with that.
...will only continue to get more interesting. Already it has begun; how much automation will we accept -- how much regimentation? In our desperate quest for the stability that quells anxiety yet foments boredom, we can't help but entrap ourselves -- generation in, generation out. It's a fun game we play, for the most part because we still haven't quite crossed the threshold of being able to admit to ourselves about the games we play -- and force others to play, almost sadistically given our general wrankling against such games ourselves, every one. Google vs. Tesla, the next platform war: self-driving car morality | "When should your self-driving car kill you?"— barb dybwad (@doctorparadox) October 29, 2015 my suspicions re: VR truer than i thought -- they've already got citizens supine & plugged into the Matrix ;)— barb dybwad (@doctorparadox) October 25, 2015
From Soylent to IV feeding to feed bags -- and a sector full of Silicon Valley startups who will deliver anything to your home so you never have to unplug from The Matrix — may we present: The Blue Pill Economy Uh oh, it looks like your embed code is broken Uh oh, it looks like your embed code is broken Myst Minecraft Dragon Age Destiny Mass Effect Bioshock Just Cause
by doctor paradox · January 19, 2015 The whole point of the capitalism-infused, real-time game is to buy more businesses and make more money to then attract angel investors and start the whole process over. via ‘AdVenture Capitalist’, A Video Game That Tasks the Player With Spending Money to Earn Money in an Endless Loop.
by doctor paradox · December 8, 2015 Well, technically it wasn’t made for the Oculus Rift — it was adapted from a video-on-demand feature film directed by everybody’s favorite gay Spock and former evil Heroes villain, Zachary Quinto. A studio dubbed Jamwix converted the footage into a virtual reality experience, which can now be seen by all 800 or so elite nerds who have a the 2nd-gen devkit. Banshee Chapter: Oculus Rift Edition – YouTube. Shortly though — supposedly as of next year — you and I mere mortals will be able to purchase the ability to jack in and completely immerse ourselves in a computer-generated fantasy world. For those of us who cut our teeth on text-based MUDs in the 80s, this is a sheer revelation. Having been lucky enough to have used the device multiple times — and having worked professionally in the technology industry for the past 20 years or so — I’m fairly confident in letting my review stand as “This Shit Is The Bomb." It really does live...
by doctor paradox · October 16, 2014 Block is a city-planning game aimed at teaching actual urban design mechanics — sort of like Rocksmith is the “learn guitar f’reals" counterpart to Guitar Hero or Rock Band. In other words: Block : Sim City :: Rocksmith : Guitar Hero Minecraft For Real Life: This Video Game Wants To Help Redesign Actual Cities | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.
by TCP staff · October 8, 2012 Angry Birds developer Rovio just launched Bad Piggies and Amazing Alex, but that’s not all they have in store for gamers this year. Today they officially announced Angry Birds Star Wars will arrive on mobile devices and desktop computers on November 8, 2012. No details were given about game features or how Star Wars characters and locations would be integrated into the game. The game play on this new title could be similar to the recently successful Angry Birds Space where the physics engine was stepped up a notch. Until we know more we will have to settle for the new Angry Birds Star Wars site that has just launched. It’s a Tumblr page that so far is focusing on fan art. Rovio also announced Halloween costumes and a slew of merchandising already coming your way this month. COMMENTS
by TCP staff · October 8, 2012 PETA’s never been one to miss a good opportunity for spectacle. So when Pokémon Black & White 2 hit the shelves yesterday, it was quickly followed by the online release of PETA’s Pokémon Black & Blue. Finally fed up with being forced to do battle for their masters’ pleasures, a battered team of Pokémon fight to free their brothers and sisters from enslavement. You take the role of Pikachu, sporting a cruel chain collar and missing a chunk from your ear. PB&B’s message isn’t necessarily horrible. It’s hard to argue that it’s somehow right to force sentient pets to fight for our amusement. But Pokémon has always been primarily a kid’s game, even if plenty of teens and adults also enjoy its adorable characters and surprisingly compelling gameplay. Dressing up Pikachu and other pets in bizarrely grotesque and exaggerated battle wounds — wounds that don’t exist at all in the actual game — feels a bit over the top. Interestingly, Pikachu and compa...
by doctor paradox · October 23, 2008 All of which makes total sense. I like to file this general trend under the heading “people like to do stuff." Broadcast media had its day because it was technologically easier than providing a platform for interactivity — not because passive reception is something inherent in human nature. Human nature is inherently interactive, not passive. Thus as we give people more tools to collect, create and share things they care about online — they’re naturally going to use them. I am looking forward to seeing the “creators" group continue to grow especially. I am totally with Will Wright on the idea that people like to make stuff. I take inspiration from the experience recounted with the launch of the Spore Creature Creator, where Maxis and EA expected to reach 100,000 creatures created in total between the time the Creature Creator launched in June and the full Spore game was released September 7 — instead they hit that figure within a couple...