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Turns out Silicon Valley is both figuratively and literally a coven of pale male vampires who feed on the fresh blood of the young. Watch this appearance at the RNC and convince me Peter Thiel is not a vampire. Body cams don't lie, people. Believe your eyes. p.s. the way you know this is true is because the Republican National Convention happened at night, and you read about it on the internet. In any case, the libertarian dream of escaping death and politics and replacing one's humanity with machine learning is certainly alive and well.
There's a popular and somewhat understandable misperception of culture as a vehicle of reproducing "normalcy" throughout society. However, each historical era makes the cognitive mistake of assuming its particular version of Normal is, well, Normal. And that all eras which came before -- that were obviously ruled by stupid people who could not understand the kind of objective truths we are now privy to in the New Modern era -- were a series of mass delusions in which people fooled themselves into thinking they had The Answers, when they so clearly didn't. Because The Problems continue apace. The twisted social psychological paradox we have not yet managed to escape is our abject failure to understand that we Moderns, too, are trapped within an enormous cultural projection of our current set of utopian delusions. We are no different, nor more special, than all the well-intentioned optimists and sad charlatans of bygone eras we love to thumb our elitist noses at. But our cursed cross...