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but wait, hear me out: weed is a solid staple consciousness modifying muse. you can use it every day safely and feel really superior to your societally-approved drinking buddies and nicotine addicts, knowing full well your health is far less threatened. it's like the rice of the drug pantheon. psychedelics are more exotic fare, like lobster -- you probably can't afford to eat it every day (& your body will probably reject a constant infusion of its richness at some point), but DANG SON does it ever inspire you when you indulge.
Certainly a time and money saver, but no substitute for a good meal. Uh oh, it looks like your embed code is broken
Instagram took the web by storm. It was such a huge hit that Facebook bought it for $1 billion. It’s plain to see why so many people love it. Finally, consumers can enjoy taking pictures of our food using the most advanced quality-meets-portable cameras ever created and then make those pictures look like they’ve been drowned in sepia. To say the hip Twitterati elite embraced Instagram would be like saying Nero kind of liked his fiddle. But in your quest to enhance even the most monochromatic meal into photographic glory, we’ve compiled these tips to make your life easier, better, and tastier. 1. Don’t drown your food in sauce While your tater tots might come delivered with a super extra helping of cheese, try to keep some of the original tots visible in their original form. The problem here is simple: if all your culinary audience can see is the cheese, then you’re taking a picture of cheese… not tots. No visible tots, no picture of tots. To be fair, this is actually j...