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For the daily Brush Burning Index, 165 or higher is extreme. The value of that index tomorrow (Thurs) in Los Angeles is an incredible 296, the highest it's ever been. These scenes from the 405 today are unbelievable (CNN has some intense video as well). That's my daily commute -- seeing those hills completely engulfed in flame looks terrifying. That major artery serves some 500,000 vehicles per day (and it feels like at least 450k of them are *definitely* during my commute) -- the one other time it's been closed since I've lived here was such a citywide event that it had an official name: Carmageddon. In actuality, it was a breeze to drive on Carmageddon -- especially going east to west on the 10. No one was out that day -- we got from Culver City to downtown in about 10 minutes. Today was a different story -- I can only imagine that, in addition to looking like a literal hellscape, it was a severe nightmare to be getting anywhere in the city today. I'm grateful that our office...
Just to lighten up your day Is apparently already underway well, that's sobering | Earth's 6th mass extinction has begun, & there are no signs that humans will be spared— barb dybwad (@doctorparadox) September 24, 2015
...and it's self-financing. It's these kinds of ingenious "net neutral but both sides win" innovations and solutions that could save our planet -- if we can manage not to grind all our emerging young talent into debt-riddled dust before they can make an impact on the world.