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* The difference between upper class and lower class isn't activity (productivity) vs. inactivity (laziness) -- it's OWNERSHIP vs. WAGES
Are they ever at odds? And will the odds be ever in our favor? The choice is ours. commerce was meant to serve people & not the other way around, but we've long lost the thread— barb dybwad (@doctorparadox) September 24, 2015 turns out we *do* know what's killing the bees. but bees don't have lobbyists, & killing them is profitable— barb dybwad (@doctorparadox) September 24, 2015 It seems like government should be much, much more than a marketing agency for industry.
Our collective project right now is external, not internal. We're still chasing material progress & economic growth, while civil unrest & violence, war, hunger all rage on unexamined. American mass psychology of inadequacy keeps us rats in a race almost no one enjoys but the mazemakers, & even many of them are filled with varying degrees of self-loathing.
by doctor paradox · January 19, 2015 The whole point of the capitalism-infused, real-time game is to buy more businesses and make more money to then attract angel investors and start the whole process over. via ‘AdVenture Capitalist’, A Video Game That Tasks the Player With Spending Money to Earn Money in an Endless Loop.
Or: Tightwad capitalism and its stranglehold on both social and economic progress Not everyone is destined to be an alpha overachiever. Even if they aspire to it, not everyone can be a CEO, or successful entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, coding genius, etc. etc. So, what do "the rest of us" deserve?? How should resources be distributed? Do we all share a responsibility to give back in proportion to the benefits we’ve accrued from a robust public sector? Or is wealth on an endless snowball upwards towards less recently laboring capital and an endless downward spiral further into poverty on the other end of the continuum as the boot that expects you to be grateful digs its heels in sharper? And then the very real and troubling (and often ignored) concern about wide swaths of a human distribution essentially being written out of the dream of American progress. It’s like we’re Danny —— exasperatingly slowly finding out that we’ve been written out of the will since the 70’s. What of America...