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It's not. You would have to try very hard to eclipse its prowess at obscuring the existence of a thread, or make it a more unenjoyable experience to attempt to follow a conversation. But, you might just manage it... if you're Facebook. By the way, Medium... *you had one job!*
and a vicious cycle: Govt is slower-moving because democracy and consensus take longer than hierarchy and command/control --> ergo we hate gov for its "inefficiency" (we're especially impatient as Americans) ergo we don't participate in government ergo govt continues to be terrible because we are not in it, making it better BUT WE ARE GOVERNMENT we the people are so quick to invoke things like the 2nd Amendment as a weapon against each other (f'real f'reals) but whoever mentions... WE THE PEOPLE??? Our community is our responsibility Our communities large and small are our responsibilities Some might even say we're citizens of the world Yet we barely know our neighbors Or who we could turn to in a crisis And crises come what may. America is a land (mostly) of takers, not givers. It wasn't always this way Always there were robber barons... But also there were fireside chats and town halls and civic organizations Citizens arrayed around each other instead of around screens...