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"in practice the process of medicalization tends to strip subjects of their social context, so they come to be understood in terms of the prevailing biomedical ideology, resulting in a disregard for overarching social causes such as unequal distribution of power and resources."
* The difference between upper class and lower class isn't activity (productivity) vs. inactivity (laziness) -- it's OWNERSHIP vs. WAGES
It's not like we can create it and then escape it. If we believe in human equality as much as we say we do, we ought to be concerned about the lack of it.
Tests are evaluating tools that can only act as a diagnostic — they offer no improvement in the actual ability of children to learn. In the so-called "real world" we don’t take tests — we solve problems and tackle challenges that (ideally) resonate with us somehow when we manage to solve them. Unfortunately one of the more important parts of that equation — the passion, and the interest that drives us to ask questions in the first place — is often absent in many a modern life. In service of stability, in service of family, of practicality, of a grim sort of tradition — for whatever reasons, we find ourselves here. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Moreover, tests are supposedly a heuristic that stands in for “teacher performance." But there are many quite consequential other factors that affect students’ performance on tests, most of which have nothing to do with the teacher and everything to do with the child and his or her life outside of school. In other words, judging teacher ...
Ennui? Oi. “Life is the longest con of all. It is an elaborate and slowly unfolding Ponzi scheme with which we cheat death." “We should all refuse to toil in the joyless Orwellian bureaucracy."
>💰🙇=👮, 📺📮🎥 "Most Millionaires Think They Are Middle Class, CNBC Poll Shows" -- NBC News
Why do we still feign shock at police brutality and abuse of power? Because we hope that ingratiating ourselves to power will reward us, and fear that exposing its moral bankruptcy may harm us. ### See also: * Rodney King * Michael Brown * loose cigarette seller Eric Garner * 14-yo killed in NY * every peaceful protest ever * Nixon * subprime mortgage crisis * Savings and Loan crisis * bank bailouts in array[list years] * inflation * financial advisor scams * Bernie Madoff * Uber #powerbehavingbadly
Or: Tightwad capitalism and its stranglehold on both social and economic progress Not everyone is destined to be an alpha overachiever. Even if they aspire to it, not everyone can be a CEO, or successful entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, coding genius, etc. etc. So, what do "the rest of us" deserve?? How should resources be distributed? Do we all share a responsibility to give back in proportion to the benefits we’ve accrued from a robust public sector? Or is wealth on an endless snowball upwards towards less recently laboring capital and an endless downward spiral further into poverty on the other end of the continuum as the boot that expects you to be grateful digs its heels in sharper? And then the very real and troubling (and often ignored) concern about wide swaths of a human distribution essentially being written out of the dream of American progress. It’s like we’re Danny —— exasperatingly slowly finding out that we’ve been written out of the will since the 70’s. What of America...