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by doctor paradox · October 11, 2012 Touting “Reading above all," new NYC-based startup Oyster aims to be a sort of Spotify for mobile reading. The subscription-based service will offer unlimited access to a growing library of titles for an undisclosed price. Backed by a $3 million funding round led by Facebook investor Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, the company isn’t showing off its actual product yet — but you can sign up for beta access whenever it becomes available. For avid readers who enjoy consuming books on the go, this could be an exciting new startup to watch — although exactly how exciting will depend on the strength of its catalogue and the competitiveness of its pricing. [via Fast Company]
by doctor paradox · March 6, 2009 This is a great example of companies “getting it" — the Kindle for iPhone app (see Obsessable’s review) is a taste of a more premium experience one can get with the full Kindle reader. The text-to-speech functionality could have been the same thing to audiobooks if the Author’s Guild hadn’t freaked out — and still could be to those publishers and authors smart enough not to opt out. Baker believes got more than it gave. “The iPhone becomes a seeding platform for e-book distribution," he said, and an upsell opportunity for “At a minimum, I think a lot of people with iPhones are going to try [the Kindle reader]. When they do, some will say, ‘I’d like to download directly, and I want a bigger screen, so maybe I should buy a Kindle.’ “ via Analyst: Apple turns its back on e-book market.