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Considering your thought patterns and style of interacting with the world, which set of traits seems to characterize you more: InternalizerExternalizerBelieve it's up to you to change thingsExpect others to do it for youMentally active; love to learn thingsImpulsive and reactive; take action before thinking about things, to blow off anxiety quicklySelf-reflective; learn from mistakesAvoid self-reflection; rarely use mistakes to learn how to do better next timeSolve problems from the inside outAssign blame to others; believe if others would only give you what you want, your problems would be solvedSensitive; try to understand cause and effectInsensitive; prefer to forget and move onSee life as opportunity for self-developmentFirmly attached to the idea that things in the outside world need to changeWork hard to cope with realityStruggle against reality, often by attempting to avoid itInstinctively take responsibility for solving problems on your ownFeel that competent people owe you...
In response to this well-intentioned article defending the absurdity of tricking third-graders into thinking they are bad at math, thanks to the Orwellian imposition of the Gates-led Common Core standards -- and specifically, the exhortation to "Respect the Teachers" instead of questioning them: "No. Question *everything*. We should be teaching our children to do the same, versus bowing obsequiously to the whims of authority. We should also be teaching them that having respect for people isn’t mutually exclusive with questioning them." >> Read the rest of this well-intentioned rant against the (hopefully!) unintentionally crushing of our children's souls, complete with a raging case of Excessive Parentheticals -- if you dare!