Youth activism has long been a venerable historical tradition in America -- from the Civil Rights movement to the anti-war Vietnam protests, to the Parkland school shooting survivors today. In all three of those examples, the moral force of the group's argument was buttressed by the very real stakes of their own lives in the balance.

These young people have more gravity and poise than so many of their elders -- particularly those whose inaction the activists deplore. Maybe this generational churn has a common feeling -- a tinge of status quo complacency, lazy corruption, and entitled hubris on the part of the so-called leaders of civil society; a groundswell of optimism, bravery, strength, vulnerability, togetherness, and hope on the part of the younger generation.

They are fierce and unsparing in their critique of those leaders who have failed them. They are "saying it like it is" and calling bullshit on the thoughts and prayers ostrich-necking. They have parents who vote; many of them can already vote; and soon, every last one of them will be voting the deadbeats out of office.

I can't wait.