by · September 30, 2010

About us

Tecca is a consumer electronics content and commerce startup based in Santa Monica, CA. We’re building a new online destination in the personal technology space and are looking for smart and creative folks to be a part of our freelance writing team.

Want to know more about Tecca? Read about us on GigaOM or check out socalTech’s interview with CEO Mickie Rosen.

About you

You should have lots of interest in technology as well as ideally some experience producing content in the realms of personal technology and consumer electronics. You should enjoy working in a fast-paced publishing environment and have the self-discipline to work effectively in a distributed virtual office. You’ll be expected to be able to talk about a broad range of technology topics (or a smaller set of topics in depth) to all levels of technology consumers, from the experienced to the technophobic. You must have a fun, friendly, and positive attitude, and should love helping others solve technology problems and learning more about the industry.


You will be part of a large team crafting fun, easy to understand guides and original feature columns about topics in consumer electronics. You’ll be covering both the buying process and usage after purchase. We expect you to both tackle assigned tasks and bring your own original ideas to the table.

We are particularly looking for writers with expertise in:

  • Audio/Music Players
  • Cameras/Camcorders
  • Car Tech/GPS
  • Home Theater
  • TVs and Video

News Editor

We’re looking for a motivated news editor to cover current technology news for a primarily mainstream audience. You will be tasked with selecting major tech stories that are worth bringing to our readers as well as writing them up in an easily accessible format.

How to apply

Send an email to apply AT tecca DOT com with the following information:

  • Message title: please indicate which position you are applying for in the title of your email (news editor or writer)
  • Your background: let us know what you’ve been working on, what you feel your skills are, what your experience in the realm of personal technology/consumer electronics is, and what interests you about this position. If you have special expertise in any category of CE, be sure to let us know. Keep in mind that mobile and gaming are very popular topics almost everyone wants to write about, so if you can demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm for any of the other areas listed above it will improve your chances of becoming a contributor!
  • Your contact information: full name, email address, phone number, instant messenger handle, where you’re located, the best methods and times to reach you, and your general amount of availability for freelance work.
  • Example work: 3 or more bylined writing samples linked somewhere online. No attachments, please!
  • For writers, column pitch(es): You are also encouraged to pitch us on an original feature column idea (or several). For each column you’d like to pitch, please give us the overall theme and title for your column and between 5 and 10 example topics you would feel confident covering that fit within the overall theme.
  • For news editors, news posts: We’d like to see 3 write-ups on current news topics of your choice. These should be geared towards a mainstream audience of readers who may not be tech experts.

We look forward to reading your application!