Some interesting visualizations of state by state trends (you can hover over the individual states to get exact counts as a pop-up), via indexmundi:

Average commute time by state

Looks like NY and DC have the worst of it, with CA, MA, & IL not far behind.

New Yorkers are homebodies

The map represents people who are living in the same house they were in 12 months ago.

Poverty rate by state

It would be great if poor Southerners would stop voting against their own economic interest by siding with the GOP, who reels them in with racism while allowing bankers and elites to fleece their constituencies to the bone. Apparently people would rather be hateful but poor than tolerant and better off.

Women-owned firms (2007)

Black-owned firms (2007)

Another data point as to why Black southerners don't trust Bernie Sanders.

California got bidness

This map shows private, nonfarm private businesses by state.

p.s. any ideas how to avoid that framing effect with the embed, hit me. tried reducing the height but it only pushes the map further below the fold because it appears to be one monolithic image