Things I find myself becoming more aware of as a new (again) resident of Los Angeles:

  • heat and the amount of it

  • how the amount of said heat can affect one’s energy levels

  • how heat and climate of a region play an often underestimated role in its culture(s) and psychological development

  • energy and its usage

  • objects which require energy often emit heat as a byproduct

  • at extreme extant temperatures, the heat from one’s Samsung flat-screen TV can literally be unbearable

  • air conditioners can be a curious and unexpected muse

  • everything’s on a wavelength (usually multiple wavelengths — a spectrum, if you will. most won’t. we’re pretty stuck on binary interpretations of things, or even singular — and even in extreme cases, of denying a thing altogether (by which to not have to deal with it and add to the already overloaded cognitive burden of modern life. wherein a trip to the sanitary napkin aisle produces such Kafka-esque angst as to come disturbingly close to warranting a full-on weepy breakdown in the middle of CVS.)