Or: Tightwad capitalism and its stranglehold on both social and economic progress

Not everyone is destined to be an alpha overachiever. Even if they aspire to it, not everyone can be a CEO, or successful entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, coding genius, etc. etc.

So, what do "the rest of us" deserve?? How should resources be distributed?

Do we all share a responsibility to give back in proportion to the benefits we’ve accrued from a robust public sector? Or is wealth on an endless snowball upwards towards less recently laboring capital and an endless downward spiral further into poverty on the other end of the continuum as the boot that expects you to be grateful digs its heels in sharper?

And then the very real and troubling (and often ignored) concern about wide swaths of a human distribution essentially being written out of the dream of American progress. It’s like we’re Danny —— exasperatingly slowly finding out that we’ve been written out of the will since the 70’s.

What of America’s “underperformers"? The “problematic" parts of the distribution:

  • elderly

  • disabled veterans

  • mentally ill

  • medically disadvantaged, untreated, and/or undertreated

  • psychologically disadvantaged, untreated, and/or undertreated

  • poor

  • and so on… many sectors (would love to know how many, and their size)

They offer a reality inconvenient to the ideal of Ayn Randian-style Do-It-Yourselfness attitude in which anyone who’s not born of hearty Aryan stock is liable to be relegated to the dung heap of history. We keep finding ever more clever and elaborate schemes with which to cover up the underlying intention of light skin dominating dark: colonialism, religious crusade, Manifest Destiny, cotton-pickin’ slavery, racism, classism, discrimination, and the interlocking threads of poverty and violence in the lowest income communities. Being poor becomes a twisted tautology in which the only message is reminding you of your failure in exchange for meager, rationed, and constantly dangled subsistence at the largesse of the noble upper classes who deign to pause for a few milliseconds between signing the next business deal and snorting the next line to THINK OF THE DISADVANTAGED!

And really, what is the fucking point when all available knowledge, research, and wisdom points in the direction of simply providing some sort of base living wage (say, perhaps, a minimum wage of sorts) such that the majority of human beings in our society can enjoy the relatively good living we all were promised when we agreed to be born into the United States in the year of Our Lord, 1976 (owning my statement here of course), and the comparatively small minority who seek fame, fortune, and glory in excess are free to pursue their goals, and giants can be content to Godzilla/Mothra-style duke it out for maximum supremacy of the 0.1% and the 0.01% and the asymptotically approaching 0 nihilist maximizing imaginary biased manipulated value for one’s own gain at the expense of some other poor sod who had the misfortune of waking up on the wrong side of the K-12 track, or being born into the wrong socioeconomic class