Missed in the hubbub about the (rightly) criticized PR gaffe of George Lucas is the kernel of truth in his statement: that whether you're being paid $4 billion or $0.00 to SHOO! go away, you're going to resent being shown the door. Even when you knew it was coming -- and especially when you didn't. And/or expected the opposite.

Now imagine if you didn't feel like you had any agency whatsoever in the transaction. People resist what they do not choose.

Yet resistance to being dictated to is a good thing. It's how we know we still live in a civil society -- which, frankly, can no longer be taken for granted these days. Ask yourself the question now and then. Ask it of others. Ask it of people from different walks of life. Remember the melting pot? Once that was our pride and joy. The strength of a nation.

Places still we believe it. Many states still it's gospel... others anathema.

Some days I'm a believer -- others, apostate.