by · November 5, 2008

So much to be awed by from last night’s election and I’m still unpacking it all. Some notables:

For me the evening was emotional and awe-inspiring. Between Twitter, Facebook, SMS, voice and a constant stream of news from various sources I felt both plugged in and informed as well as surrounded by friends and other exuberant Obama supporters experiencing a profound moment in history together. That point is made even more poignant by the fact that the Obama campaign itself made brilliant strategic use of the internet and social media to reach out to a more diverse audience of new voters, youth voters, voters of color, and apathetic voters who were finally moved by a candidate who listens carefully, responds mindfully, and speaks authentically a message of re-unification for a country ideologically divided and facing great challenges.

Last night many Americans felt the power of the democratic process in a way we have not felt passionately about in some time. For me it feels like a re-awakening, an indication of the hunger for growth and self-actualization in America’s citizenry, and a powerful groundswell of hope for things to come.

On a much lighter note… after the break I’ve collected some “Obamagery" — user-created or mashed up visual expression of our new President.

obama_o_capn_mccains.jpgmarketing that doesn’t suck by AirBed & Breakfast, the very cool social couch-surfing site

[thx Erik!]

[via 1up]

from Obey Giant who got a thank you note from Barack himself… so classy

obama Pictures, Images and Photos

obama Pictures, Images and Photos