Look: i'm not Christian but i was raised in the church and you know -- i can super get on board with, & always try to have compassion with my fellow humans. As #WWJD would have wanted. There's good stuff in there. But Kim Davis seems to miss the proverbial forest for the trees.

It's like the freshly minted newborn foal that balks at the idea of Grace. She's ungainly and on spindly legs and trying to figure it out.

I think at heart Kim Davis is actually trying to do the right thing, which is what is truly tragic in this bizarre situation that ultimately has more to do with the vicissitudes of Kentucky law than with any larger religious interest.

Kim Davis has been a sinner in a very deep way -- more than most of us -- and she's quite honestly getting on in life. Not old per se -- plenty of years left perhaps should things go according to First World Plan. And yet myself as a "not quite starting with 4 but almost" person begins to understand the drive that Freud write about; that Kierkegaard wrote about; that Erich Fromm and Ernest Becker and others have written about that synthesizes an idea that human beings are animals with some sort of unknowable mystical mysterious timeline which we initially surpress and repress wholeheartedly, unabashedly but later on -- especially in an era of science and reason (anti-vaxx zealots notwithstanding) must come to terms with -- and as such make a measure with the time we have and spend it wisely.

Kim Davis is terrified. She has made mistakes in her life -- literal Biblical mistakes in mothering the children of men she's not wed to while convincing the men she's currently wed to that all will be well if only there is understanding that sleeping with the future husband *now* in God's eyes will somehow be forgiven if only she repents and accepts the Mercy granted to this special class of Johnny-Come-Lately "give me my Get Out Of Jail / Go To Heaven card" folk who sign up for the Lord's newsletter TODAY!!

I mean, she only found The Lord 4 years ago. Maybe she just hasn't gotten to the New Testament yet?!