mechanistic automation finds its newest form in the wearables that can supposedly "inform" us how best to live our lives -- the appropriate intervals along which we are supposed to move and at what rates, the correct amounts of optimal unconsciousness at the precise times of sleeping and waking, the new mirrors by which we assess whether the sensations coming from the terrible unknown organic biology within can be trusted to tell us how we feel, or whether they must be subjugated or otherwise manipulated to achieve proper satisfaction and alignment with externally-defined expectations of health and wellness.

All the while, these devices send back reams of biological data to their corporate overlords under dubiously "agreed to" terms of service, save for the very few who know to look out for the possibility of opting out of the surreptitious data collection that eventually will come to constrain the available choices and prices for routine needs including health insurance, vehicle insurance, creditworthiness, investment opportunity, job eligibility, interest rates, and so on.

At first, citizens who question the inevitability of centralized biological control will be branded as heretics, or the merely insane -- which will be shortly followed by the supposed insanity of not taking interest in donning one's tracking device, & perhaps a short period of overt backlash to the concept -- itself then followed by a movement to "minimize the overt impact" of wearables by making them implantable and, eventually, a mandatory form of identity authentication (and at the far end of the continuum, conjoined with one's financial situation to the point of being inseparable from participating in the economic sphere).