by · July 8, 2009

Some of these might have to haggle over who was truly “first," but the interesting point is it took so little time for them to appear after the launch of the video camera-capable iPhone 3GS. Those who hate on the relative lack of “image quality" including haters of the Flip Mino series really miss the point here — it’s about convenience, ease of use and the empowerment of a new breed of digital creatives. Much like the falling cost of recording equipment spawned a surge in bedroom production from talented (and untalented…) unknowns and amateurs in the realm of music, so too will we continue to see an uptick in compelling and relevant video productions from unexpected places. We’re lucky to be witnessing the era of read write culture kicking off.

Below is a track by Kenny Mosher set to video produced by Showdown Productions. After the break is “Love, Love, Love" by Reyna Perez.