They've got you scared
And on the run
Always working hard
Never any fun

Mindfulness is worthless
Mindlessness is key
The trick that keeps them them
The trap for you and me

They got you runnin' 'round
Suspicious of any sound
Especially from your heart
Especially from the ground

There's no time to question
And no time to be
But there for the looking
Is what they don't want you to see

That worth is not money
Worth is not work
Value is vulnerability
Where your demons lurk

Long it's been said
That the poorest must toil
So the elite can have bread
The rich can strike oil

We're all at the back of the bus
The back of the train
Always them vs. us
Always for their gain

We fight each other
Instead of our common enemy
Sister torn from brother
By self-loathing malady

A disease imposed
Manufactured at the top
Distributed to the exposed
Infecting every crop

A deep foul sickness
Akin to a curse
Struggling to escape it
Only make it worse

Like drowning men
We clutch for the shore
Gasping for breath
Praying for a cure

But in the dying there is light
A chance to be reborn
With eyes cleared for true sight
Hearts pure and newborn

To see beyond the veil
By looking from within
Each one needs to break the spell,
Take courage, and begin again