i relied on you
as the harbinger of truth
and you never gave me my due
wanted to dance
and sail off to France
but you called me back here from the blue

i understand now
it was all just a row
we were slated to have from the start
if i followed that path
its inexorable math
would lead me closer too far to my heart

cheated with coin
as many are prone to join
we can't turn away from the chrome
left on our own
to haunt pursuit of our bones
never expecting we'd end up alone

did what you said
& ended up in bed
with all the white ghosts of my youth
i should have gone far
drove away in some car
than come back and face this truth

that we're all just a friend
who'll be left in the end
always to fend for oneself
if you're nice to what made you
some grace then may fade you
else then you're left out on your own
your own
your own

if you can climb out of there
manifest some nearby stair
you've got a clean shot at the throne
but miss your chance
to strike out & dance
& you too could be left so alone

i cling fast to you
like drowning men do
when they're desperate to suck in some air
but we'll both go down
with spectacular frowns
if we prevent each other's coming aware

it don't matter now
been too long anyhow
since anyone cared what we do
i'll just stick here for now
in this fantastical row
'til i see a path out of this gloom

was meant for much more
but got lashed to the door
could never pass Go! once that took,
try as i might
through each horrored night
i could never get free of that hook

it sticks in your mind
won't believe what you'll find
the truth will spill out suddenly one day
when we least expect
some camera crew leapt
at the chance to reveal what we say

it wasn't my fate
& i'm still super late in taking my place on the stage
hold back the crowd
they're cheering so loud
& i'm on my way still from this cage

let the spotlight so shine
on what's yours & what's mine
it hardly makes sense anymore
but they told us we're cool
& deserve to still rule & they still come around to our door

don't leave us now
we're OK anyhow
don't need that whole world for our due
i'll just use what i have
and we'll be depraved
but i'll love to be stuck here with you