R1 vs. R2: Hierarchy vs Fairness

An attempt to classify the world into two major spectra: an authoritarian worldview (R1) and a cooperative, collaborative one (R2).

The former tends to be the value system associated with the right wing on the political spectrum (conservatives, Libertarians, the alt-Right, and so on), while the latter is associated with Progressives and liberals.

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  • rules-based vs. creative flexibility, malleability
  • fascism vs. social democracy
  • supremacy vs. egalitarianism
  • status quo vs. change
  • bulletproof vs. vulnerable
  • shallow vs. deep
  • status vs. value
  • thoughtless vs. thoughtful
  • coercion vs. free will
  • rigid vs. fluid
  • isolation vs. embeddedness/context
  • angry vs. curious
  • abusive vs. uplifting
  • cult-like vs. harmonious
  • rugged individualism vs. togetherness
  • anti-social vs. warm
  • normative vs. positive
  • extremism vs. moderation
  • elite vs. masses
  • Moral Vision theory: binary vs. continuum — b&w vs. rainbow