Definitions of Power

Power is the water we swim in; the air we breathe. So pervasive we forget, ignore, or never even become fully aware of it.

Where does power derive from? In a just world, it comes from knowledge, mastery, excellence, and merit. In an unjust world, it comes from itself — power qua power.

What is power?

This is a work in progress:

  • The ability to hack your inner People Pleaser.
  • The ability to ignore feedback loops.
  • The ability to accrue accolades and offload risk: Offloading risk and responsibility
  • The ability to appear confident without any supporting factual basis.
  • the ability to control reality.
  • the ability to say something enough times that, despite insufficient evidence, you can make it become β€œtrue.”
  • the ability to make other people feel crazy about your own lack of memory
  • the expectation that others will read your mind and give you what you want before you even have to say it
  • the assumption that anything anyone else has to do takes them only 5 minutes and can be done by anyone without special expertise. The assumption that things you have to do are arduous, time-consuming, and require excessive skill.
  • Now, in the age of instant 24/7 media orgy gratification, we are sitting ducks β€” waiting to be hijacked every day over some deliberately manufactured crisis.
  • everyone wants Power WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY
  • Power is a FEELING
  • power is being able to export DISCOMFORT to others.
  • you keep the fun parts & β€œdelegate” the gruntwork to underlings