i weave snippets of found, made, manipulated, and composed sound into cultural storytelling, political commentary, life philosophy, experimental cosmology and enlightened dance music. i make music because it helps me look at things in new ways, and because i have to create something.


  • the nature of reality
  • space
  • non-duality / continuum / paradox
  • social rules, roles, conventions, expectations
  • gender roles
  • technology
  • spirituality
  • consciousness modification
  • peace


provoke thought. embrace the unexpected. create community amongst music-makers. master complex software systems.

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doctor.paradox AT gmail.com

2 thoughts on “about

  1. h3y u have a great creative arts/geek attitude..;-)..thanx 4 the piece u wrote on Mashable re: ‘Enrico DINI’s 3d-largescale-printing for architecture’…oi that was a bit too wordy, part of my OCD, sorry…
    anyw00t, i’m not a stalker–YET i cliked from Mashable-over-to-ur-fbook page & somehow found ur site here–SO i’m glad to see ur MUSIC-
    comments above;
    not just the arts-philosophy itself, but especially the music attitude, cause i’m yet another artist nerd who dabbles in music BUT sadly
    i *never* get back to music cause i’m currently trying to work on
    my visual art–trying to finish graduate school
    up in frigid rochester—waaaaaay too cold as i’m from teh deep south/New Orleans area..
    blah blah… s0rry again for rambling,
    i’ll try to read ur MASHABLE posts & send u greeting over on fbook, p3ace, rob

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